Project W

Project W is the first ever designed and produced carbon fiber bicycle wheel in Turkey. We are proud to bring this technology to our home country.

Our project started in 2021 fall of 2021. We have created some prototype models and go out to talk with potential customers. We have talked with lots and lots of customers to figure out what they really want, what will make them happy etc.

Our team consists of aviation professionals. We are utilizing Finite Element Analysis (FEA) on our FUSION360 platform per UCI and ISO4210 standards. We optimize our design using OpenFOAM Computational Fluid Dynamics Analysis (CFD). We are engineering to win.

We will be disclosing more details about the finalized product in upcoming weeks. We just want to be sure about a few details.

Our first product series comes with a brand name of ZEROlite (0Lite). We will touch base to this product range on another post.

Zerolite #Olite

MTI Composite Wheels and other components will be available to order directly at our online store at D Direct customer service is also available on the phone, email and even in person at our workshop in Eskisehir.