MountainTop Industries (MTI) is established to serve the fast growing carbon fiber bicycle market.

Our essence is the engineering mind we put in our products. We constantly engineer new products and processes to meet the customer's expectations and market needs.

Roots of MTI come from high-tech, robust aviation engine industry. We first develop the necessary manufacturing processes and then introduce our products around these. Our design philosophy is to create the most aero, stiff and light weight components as an aviation term low buy-to-fly ratio. Our processes are fully traceable and transparent to reflect our best in class quality manner. We continuously push the boundaries of manufacturing technologies, materials and aerodynamics to bring cycling into the future.


Carbon bicycle components are not easily available. We believe growth of talent requires abundant resources. So we start manufacturing these scarce components to bring this abundancy to allow cycling talents flourish.

The Chase

Most of the current producers are located at low-cost far-east countries. The technology and materials are not always available in our home market, Turkiye. We are developing robust processes to meet the high standards of our product design intents.

The Plan

MTI targets to be the most predominant carbon fiber bicycle and bicycle component manufacturer within the vicinity of its home country.


As a give back culture MTI devotes 1% of its revenue every year to charities that are working to save the planet and grow the cycling sport.